News What Does Great Credit Control Look Like?

What Does Great Credit Control Look Like?

Every day that an invoice is outstanding costs you money and increases your risk of bad debt. But many clients pull back from chasing as they’re concerned that pushing too hard for settlement may harm their relationship with their client. Or else it may be that they’re reliant on staff who are sick or on leave, and so their cash collection has dwindled.

With Shilling Support’s Credit Control service, you can set your own dedicated procedure– from how often we issue statements, to the content of the calls we make. We can take on all aspects of your service including:

  • Credit checking and setting client credit limits
  • Issuing client statements, weekly or monthly
  • Personalised, professional and polite telephone follow-ups
  • Drafting and issuing effective reminder letters

Plus, we offer a Confidential or Disclosed Service, and fixed-cost legal proceedings if needed. You benefit from your own named credit controller, and you get to increase your cash flow and reduce your borrowing by reducing your debtor days, reduce your levels of bad debt, and you’re free to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

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