If you were considering selling your business before the Covid-19 crisis then you are probably wondering what happens now.

Even if selling was not on your radar, the long-lasting and devastating economic implications might be forcing you to ask searching questions such as “how do I ever recover from this?”.

Selling your business not only releases the capital tied up in your business but also relieves you of what could be increasingly stressful decisions and possibly personal financial commitments.

Shilling have competent and funding-backed buyers ready to go. We have over 10 years’ experience managing acquisitions to completion for our clients and in successfully buying and running businesses from various sectors within our own Shilling Trading division.

We are swift, pragmatic and focussed entirely around bringing deals to a successful completion. We are not agents looking to try to market your business nor extract fees from you. All fees are paid by our client, the buyer, and we don’t charge anything to you, the seller.

Our Approach

We know the market and we know what drives valuations. Deals only complete when their quantum and structure are both deliverable and sustainable. There is no point trying to pursue a transaction that doesn’t fit these metrics because it will fail. Trust us, we know.

Therefore, the very first thing we need to do is test the numbers; if they don’t work then nothing else does. This means we analyse your business and make an offer to ensure we can meet expectations within real-world funding parameters. We only make offers we can deliver based on the information available to us.

Make me an offer

You can ask us to make an offer for your business in any of the following ways:


Simply enter and submit your details here:


    If you prefer to discuss things first, please feel free to call 0121 616 0430 and ask for one of our Acquisitions Team.


    We treat all discussions and exchanges with the utmost sensitivity and will never contact your business or employees directly unless you tell us that we may do so. All information we hold is strictly private & confidential.

    In consideration of you making disclosure of such financial information we undertake to you that we shall:

    1. Hold the information provided as being strictly private and confidential and that we shall take all possible precautions to maintain its status as such.

    2. Use and apply the information provided for no purpose other than the evaluation of your business for its suitability for acquisition.

    3. Not disclose or otherwise make available to any third party any of the information provided other than:

        a. To those of our officers and employees who are required by us in the course of, and solely for the purpose of, the evaluation referred to above. Such officers and employees would be made aware of and bound by the strict provisions of this undertaking;

          b. To our professional advisors as will be notified to you. Such advisors would be made aware of and bound by the strict provisions of this undertaking;

    4. Upon receipt of a written demand from you we will return the information to you together with any copies in our possession and that of our professional advisers.

    Should you require a personalised confidentiality undertaking please contact us to request one.

    What Happens Next?

    Vendor Sale Process Flowchart

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